• Cultural Heritage Is Worth Protecting

    “There’s a great synergy behind what Michael is doing. I stand shoulder to shoulder with him,” says Belle, who hopes to attract the New York and Miami Beach fashion industry to Jacmel, providing work experience for students at the
    film school.

    It was Belle who persuaded Karan to visit. “There’s been a trend of Hollywood endorsing Haiti from the angle of corporate social responsibility. Donna is part of that, but she’s gone the extra step seeing where the talent lies,” he says.

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    Haiti has a really strong culture with a fascinating history. A lot of foreign developers will waltz into a country and destroy all of that for caricaturized and touristy versions of the local image. Michael says he wants to avoid that, and that makes him a good man in my books. It’s one thing to exploit a people’s land and culture for riches, and it’s another thing entirely to empower them and their culture in the global market. Michael Capponi is really taking the act of charity to heart, and I wish him all the best in building up the tourism industry in Haiti. That place is really too special to lose to water down tourist traps and impoverished towns. With a strong tourist industry and an empowered populace, Haiti will be able to find its place in the world and preserve its own self-image, which is a rare thing these days.